Redvette Ranch Videos

See interviews and car videos from Redvette Ranch and Bill Sefton.

New Mr. Norm Challenger Convertible at the Grand National Roadster Show

Dennis Pittsenbarger from Hot Rod Magazine interviewed me at the 62nd Grand National Roadster Show about my new Challenger Convertible that we built at Mr. Norm's Garage.

Mr. Norm 1971 Demon GSS

Patrick Krook, the owner of ShowYourAuto, interviews Bill Sefton, winner of ShowYourAuto's Excellence Award and the owner of six Mr. Norm GSS's, including the black '68 Dart and the gray '71 Tri-Power Demon shown here. This interview took place at the Belvidere, IL Chrysler show on July 15, 2007.

2008 Mr. Norm HP2 Challenger

I brought this car to the Playboy Mansion in 2010 for the Muscle Cars at the Mansion Show. While waiting to stage the car at the show, we did a burnout on the top of the parking garage at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Enough said.

2019 Z06 Corvette

I drove this car from Michigan to Arizona. Rather than stay on the interstate, I prefer to take 2 lane backroads when possible, especially when going through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. During the trip, I found a deserted, straight, safe road to record this, using the built in Performance Data Recorder. The car didn't disappoint me.

The Hemi Under Glass Collection

In 1964 George Hurst was looking for a car for the 1965 drag racing season that would serve as a test bed and promote the Hurst brand and his aftermarket shifters and wheels. The famous "Hemi Under Glass" brand was born and for over 50 years, Bob Riggle drove these cars at exhibitions around the world.

Bill and Bob at the Hurst Nationals

I brought the 1969 Hemi Under Glass to the Carlisle Chrysler and Hurst Nationals in Carlisle, PA in 2018. Hear Bob describe the car and his crash with passenger, Jay Leno. I talk about the history of this and the other Hemi Under Glass cars. This was the last time that Bob and I appeared with Hemi Under Glass.

Bill and Bob Getting Ready

I was fortunate to make 4 trips down the drag strip as a passenger while Bob piloted the car. Before one of those trips in the 1968 Hemi Under Glass at the Mopars at the Strip event in Las Vegas, NV, a friend of mine shot this video of Bob and I getting ready to make the pass.

Bill and Cautious

After competing for years on my horse Dun With Caution (Cautious) in the sport of Western Reining, my vet told me I had to retire him. This is our very last competitive run. We took 2nd place out of about 110 horses in the class. He was an amazing horse and I was fortune to be able to ride him.