Alternate Transportation

May 5, 2020

1998 Dun with Caution (Cautious)

I couldn’t have a website about Red Vette Ranch without showing my horse!  I started riding in 2003.  My wife had been riding for a long […]
May 5, 2020

1982 Piper Warrior N8220H

In November, 1983 a friend of mine approached me about buying an airplane.  I wasn’t a pilot then, but I had been up a few times […]
May 5, 2020

1983 Cessna 210 N4636U

This is the 2nd plane that I bought with my friend.  The first plane had worked out very well doing a lease-back, so we decided to […]
May 5, 2020

2005 Cirrus SR-22 GTS N323W

After a 17-year hiatus from flying, I got back into it and bought this Cirrus in 2005.  When I was flying back in the 1980’s, I […]
May 3, 2020

2007 Cirrus SR-22 GTS Turbo N910B

You may wonder why there’s a picture of a jet included with the pictures of this plane.  It’s very simple – when I went to pick […]
May 1, 2020

2009 Cirrus SR-22 GTS Turbo N575CP

This plane was very similar to my 2007 Cirrus with one major difference.  The avionics on this plane were greatly enhanced and it was really the […]
May 5, 2020

2007 NRC Motorhome & Stacker

Now this is the way to travel!  I was at the U.S. National Drag Races in 2007 and stopped to look at the motor homes and […]
May 10, 2020

1995 Posse Car

My wife was on Sheriiff Joe Arpaio’s Posse for about 5 years.  Technically, she was an unreimbursed employee of Maricopa County.  As a member of the […]
May 9, 2020

2001 Ford F-250

I had a couple of reasons for owning this truck.  When I first started collecting cars, I also bought an open car trailer so I could […]
May 5, 2020

2004 Ford F-150 (Sunshine)

By now, you probably know that if it’s either a truck or yellow, then it’s my wife’s.  This one was hers from the very beginning. When […]
May 8, 2020

2002 VW New Beetle

You might think this is a strange car for me to have on the website, and normally I would agree with you.  I’ve shown it for […]
March 3, 2020

2020 Entegra RV

This is our answer to the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic.  In this tumultuous year, there has been a lot of suffering and devastation for a lot of […]