It’s the end of an era.  American muscle collectors like myself are extremely disappointed that we have reached the end of classical muscle cars.  Since the early 1960’s, American Muscle was highly revered.  It was all about big motors and high horsepower.  Over the years, I have collected many of these cars from what I consider to be the height of the muscle car era.

After being regarded as the champion of Musclecars,  Dodge is shutting down their big motor cars.  The Challenger will be gone after 2023, and the Charger is going electric.  No more big motors, no more Hemis and no more real exhaust sounds.

Chevrolet is also going electric.  2023 is the last of their high horsepower motors, and interesting enough, it’s only a 1 year motor.  They have developed a flat plane crank motor for their 2023 Z06, and starting next year it will be a smaller motor assisted by electric motors.

Personally, I’m not ready for electric.  These developments have caused me to buy 3 new cars, which I consider to the last of the American muscle cars.  I bought a Dodge Challenger Jailbreak Redeye and also a Dodge Charger Jailbreak Redeye.  At 807 Horsepower each, they are brutal.  The pictures show them in my garage, I consider to be a tribute to Dodge.  Every 2 car garage should have 1,614 Horspower in it.

I also bought a 2023 Z06 Corvette.  I’ve owned 20 Corvettes over the years, and this will probably be the last new one that I buy.  The Corvette brand has steadily improved over the years, and I loved my 2019 Z06.  I recently bought a 2023 Z06, and absolutely love the car.

Unfortunately, I don’t see me buying new cars going forward, other than normal everyday boring drivers.  It makes me sad that we have reached this point.

Bill Sefton
Bill Sefton
Bill Sefton, Chicago native, and passionate car collector. Currently retired, but still involved in the car collection community. Reach out, happy to connect!