2022 Jailbreak Redeye Challenger

After I took delivery of my 2022 Jailbreak Charger, I decided that it would be fun to recreate the Tor Red with silver stripe combination in a Jailbreak Challenger.  I was able to order a Jailbreak Challenger through a dealer, but I couldn’t find a Redeye version anywhere.  I reluctantly put in the order for a 707 HP Jailbreak Hellcat, which wasn’t a wide-body car.

Before that car was delivered, a friend of mine found this car at a dealer in Utah.  It’s the wide-body Redeye, which has 807 HP.  I figured that my choice was either silver stripes, or a wide-body with 100 extra horsepower.  It wasn’t a tough decision – I snapped up the Redeye and have no regrets.  This is a wonderful car, and it looks good sitting next to the Charger.

Dodge is eliminating the Challenger model from its lineup in 2024.  I have owned about a dozen Challengers over the years.  I had some early model Challengers (my 2nd collector car was a ’70 Challenger with 440 Six Pack and shaker hood) and  I have also had some new Challengers from 2008 through 2018.  I will miss the Challenger model and am thrilled that I was able to get this car.

Bill Sefton
Bill Sefton
Bill Sefton, Chicago native, and passionate car collector. Currently retired, but still involved in the car collection community. Reach out, happy to connect!