1971 Mr. Norm’s Demon GSS – Plum Crazy

1971 Mr. Norm's Demon GSS - Plum Crazy

What, another 71 Demon GSS?  Yes, it’s another one.  Good news – it’s the last one that I bought.  As always, there’s a story behind this one.  A friend of mine brought this particular car to my attention.  It was a 71 340 Six-Pack Demon built by Mr. Norm.  The thing that was slightly different about this one was that it wasn’t originally sold as a GSS.

The car was purchased new at Mr. Norm’s Grand Spaulding Dodge, but it was a normal 340 Demon – no Six-Pack.  A year later the owner sold the car to someone else, and the new owner took the car back to Mr. Norm to have the GSS conversion made.  This was in 1972.  That being the case, that means that this was probably the last 71 GSS Demon outfitted with Mr. Norm’s conversion.  Fortunately, the paperwork on the conversion came with the car and it outlines all the dates and details.

The other nice thing about this car is that it’s Plum Crazy Purple.  Back in the day, Mopar was selling cars with some very wild paint colors and names.  Names like Plum Crazy, Sassy Grass, Moulin Rouge, Lime Green, etc. were very popular.  I have owned 4 Plum Crazy cars, and I am a fan.  It always draws a thumbs up driving down the street!

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Bill Sefton
Bill Sefton
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