1971 Demon – Modern Muscle

When I had this car built, I wasn’t looking for a big-deal, super-done car.  I just wanted a nice A-body car that drove better than the originals.  I didn’t get what I wanted – this car is way, way nicer than I envisioned.  It’s one of my favorite restomods.  Since I was such of an A-body fan and already had some restomod Darts, I decided to go with the Demon.  I’ve had a lot of them and some of my favorites are the Mr. Norm 71 GSS Demons with a Six-Pack.  I decided to have this car utilize a new Hemi, but with Six-Pack fuel injection.  It was no easy feat.

While the power is supplied by a stock Gen 3 6.1 Hemi with FAST management also a no-hassle bolt-in with the Norm’s engine cradle and TTI headers, the intake here is a 6-pack stack injection setup by Imagine that’s dialed in by Bob Ream. It’s topped by an original vintage Mr. Norm’s “Tri-Power” air-cleaner. (Back in the day, Norm used GM carbs on his three-deuce conversions because they were cheaper than those from Mopar).

The·Tremec 5-speed also is a bolt-in with no tunnel tweaking. Norm’s Garage makes their own carbon-fiber handle pistol-grip shifter. Neat piece. Suspension a bolt-in front control arm/rack and pinion system and 4-link rear. Afco coilovers handle jounce and rebound. The rear, in this case, is a Moser Dana 60 spinning Modern Muscle modular wheels. Brakes are Wilwood’s 4-piston caliper street package. Inside are Corvette CS seats recovered in-house to match the rear. The dash is a ’68 A-body style with a really cool custom gauge package designed by Redline Gauge Works. The windows are power-operated, including the rear quarter vents.  And don’t forget the nice Sony sound system.

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Bill Sefton
Bill Sefton
Bill Sefton, Chicago native, and passionate car collector. Currently retired, but still involved in the car collection community. Reach out, happy to connect!