1970 Plymouth GTX – 440+6

1970 Plymouth GTX - 440+6

The beautiful restoration took place in New York by the previous owner.  He deciphered the original option codes, as the car had the original broadcast sheet, which documents the factory equipment along with the fender tag. These information sheets typically were inserted in the seat springs under the rear seat. Not all cars came with broadcast sheets, which are also referred to as build sheets, and some came with the wrong build sheet for the car. When you find a vintage Mopar with this paperwork, it adds value to the car and is an excellent way to verify options and to ensure that the car is properly restored.

Considered a “Gentleman’s Muscle Car” the upscale Plymouth GTX two-door hardtop was restyled in 1970 offering cleaner side body panels along with revised front and back fascias.  The grille had a unique telephone receiver look to it, the taillight treatment was changed and the car was no longer available as a convertible.

The GTX was a member of Plymouth’s Rapid Transit System performance car marketing program, and to add the visual excitement those times demanded, these cars were available with high-impact paint colors including In Violet (purple), Limelight (green), Vitamin C (orange), Tor Red and Moulin Rouge (pink). There were only three engines available: the standard Super Commando 37Shp, 440 cid V-8, the optional 390hp, 440 cid six-barrel V-8  and of course the optional 425hp, 426 cid street Hemi. Transmission choices were either a high-upshift, competition-type Torqueflite automatic or a heavy-duty four-speed manual transmission.  The rear-axle gear ratio is 3.55:1.

This particular GTX is a factory FC7 car, which, translated means it was painted ln Violet metallic from the factory. Other desirable options included the E87 6V 440+6 three two-barrel engine with the vacuum-operated N96 functional Air Grabber hood scoop. This car also has white side stripes and a black hood strip …. both factory options-along with a center console. An automatic was the chosen transmission, with the optional 15-inch wheels with F60-15 Goodyear Polyglas rubber. Other options included power disc brakes, power steering and AM radio. The car was sold new at the Andis Motors dealership in Greenfield, Indiana, with a retail price of $4,193.70.

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Bill Sefton
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