1970 Boss 302 Mustang

Here is an original 1970 Ford Boss 302 Mustang. VIN # 0T02G121401, Build date of 10-24-69, Exterior color was Calypso Coral. Vehicle is now painted Candy Red.


“Born with” or correct original components are

  1. Body, doors and trunk lid
  2. Engine cylinder heads,
  3. Intake and exhaust manifolds
  4. Engine pulleys, fan assembly,
  5. Transmission and shifter
  6. Radiator tanks and frame, with new best quality core just installed
  7. Differential, rear suspension and driveshaft
  8. Windshield, side and rear glass

The following components are NOT the original items installed when the vehicle was assembled

  1. Engine block is an original 1971 BOSS 302 Ford warranty block
  2. Water pump
  3. Fuel pump and Carburetor. Carb is a non-original service replacement 780-800 Holley, recently rebuilt with had meter blocks machined and any other work performed needed to make vehicle smoothly
  4. Alternator, wrong date code, but works great
  5. Distributor and coil are a non-original Ford single point item, were recently serviced and advance checked for best performance
  6. Starter, non-original but works great
  7. Front and rear shocks, appear to be new
  8. Exhaust system, has turbo muffler is new condition
  9. Radiator hoses, has new exact reproduction parts
  10. Fuel tank, fuel tank sending unit, and fuel lines. New exact reproduction items just installed.
  11. Tires and Wheels, has new Goodyear Polyglas F60X15 exact reproduction tires and new reproduction 15” Magnum wheels
  12. Front fenders both have been recently replaced and are rust free
  13. Interior, door panels, headliner, carpet and Black Rhino/Corinthian Vinyl front and rear seat covers are new reproduction items
  14. Bumpers, front and rear, are good quality reproductions


Body and Undercarriage

  1. Paint is a high quality two stage urethane repaint, good quality.
  2. Body panel fit is good
  3. Exterior trim is either new reproduction or original in good condition
  4. All glass is original and in good condition
  5. Rust damage and its repair is evident in the front frame rails, the inner fender panels visible under hood, the bottoms of both doors and in both rear wheel tubs
  6. Rust is NOT bubbling through on the outside surfaces of the vehicle

Mileage shows 16,716, odometer is working

Operations: The following work

  1. Tachometer
  2. Speedometer and odometer, speedometer is accurate.
  3. Wipers
  4. Fuel and Temperature gauges
  5. Charging and Oil Pressure idiot lights
  6. Park brake and Park Brake Light
  7. All exterior, interior courtesy and dash lights
  8. Backup lights and brake lights
  9. Transmission and clutch, shifts and engages great. Leaks are minimal
  10. Differential, not noisy, leaks are minimal
  11. Brakes, high pedal. Do pull
  12. Steering and front suspension. Vehicle is reasonably tight.

Engine condition:

  1. Good even compression, recently checked.
  2. Good oil pressure, 75 lbs at idle cold and 30 lbs hot. Checked with mechanical gauge.
  3. Starts easily, with timing at factory specs
  4. Minimal oil leaks
  5. Good power

Car runs and drives great

  1. Starts, stops, shifts, goes as it should
  2. No road vibration under 65 mph. Some at higher speeds.


Marti Report verifies the following

  1. Original exterior color was Calypso Coral
  2. Interior is Black Vinyl Buckets
  3. Differential is 3.50 Traction Lock
  4. Options are
  5. Rear spoiler
  6. Sports Slats on rear window
  7. AM radio
  8. Tachometer
  9. Sport deck rear seat


This in an original 1970 Boss 302 Mustang that has not been re-bodied.

The Marti Report verifies its rarity and desirability.

It is in good running and driving order and has been recently serviced, checked over and road tested.

Russo and Steele Catalog 2008
Bill Sefton
Bill Sefton
Bill Sefton, Chicago native, and passionate car collector. Currently retired, but still involved in the car collection community. Reach out, happy to connect!