1969 M-Code Dart – Bronze

1969 M Code Dart Bronze

Built by Dodge to compete in the NHRA Factory Super Stock classes, the Dart M-Code was a factory-built force to be reckoned with. Only 640 of these cars were produced, but a mere 73 of these cars remain in the M-Code registry including this one.

Dodge called this rare classic the Dart GTS, but it was internally known as the M-Code.  It was a factory street version of the Dodge GSS, or Grand Spaulding Sport, but it lacked power steering, the Dana rear-end, power or disc brakes, and the four-speed. However, the street-legal M-Code was given a special K-member, bespoke exhaust, new motor mounts, and modifications to the engine block among other things.

Under the hood of this rare Dart is a Magnum 440cui V8 engine topped with a 4-BBL carburetor. Rated at a healthy 375-horsepower and 440 lb/ft of torque, power is shifted to the rear wheels via a 727 TorqueFlight transmission.

Behind this Dart’s doors is a white interior with no real frills. It does feature bucket seats, console,  floor-shifter, and a 120-mph speedometer in the dash.

The ’69 M-Code Dart could sprint from 0-60 mph in the low five-second range and conquer the quarter-mile in just a hair over 13 seconds at 107 mph. While Dodge continued to up the ante by producing a track-only 426 Hemi variant, the M-Code was still king of the street-legal Dart models.

A couple things to note:  This car came with a special warranty, eliminating the warranty on the drive train because of the high performance nature of this car.  This car was sold mainly to drag racers and Dodge expected them to be abused.  Also, if you look at the original invoice, you will see the VIN is listed as LS23H9B238954 which defines a 383 motor.  The cars were all built that way and then sent to Hurst-Campbell where the 440 motor was added.  If you look at the build sheet for this car, you will see that the VIN on the car was actually LS23M9B238954.  The 5th letter was changed from a H to an M.  M stood for a special engine install.

Bill Sefton
Bill Sefton
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