1968 Mr. Norm’s New GSS Dart #001

1968 New GSS Gold

The 1968 Hemi Dart was among the most notorious muscle cars ever sold in the Americas. Its 426 Hemi engine and light weight made it the car to beat, on the street or strip.  Only a few were built in 1968; in 2007, “Mr. Norm” created a few more. Each car had a build book, production sheet, and build order, and was delivered by Mr. Norm himself, just as in 1968.  This car is the first New GSS Hemi Dart built.

Mr. Norm has also created the prototype 383 Dart GTS and the M-Code 440 Dart, both of which were later put into production by Chrysler; and sold the majority of the legendary Hurst/Campbell-built 1968 Hemi Darts.

Built using 21st century parts and accessories, the GSS Hemi Dart should have better performance than the original, but it’s based on the older cars. Mr. Norm brought original 1968 Darts into the shop, dismantled them, and examined each part to see whether it could be restored or needs replacement. When no parts were available, parts were hand-made with metals of the same alloy and weight. Restoration and build-up were handled by Blue Moon Motorsports.

The body shell was cleaned to bare metal on a rotisserie, and water treated with a rust inhibitor. Metal fabricators corrected original imperfections in the sheet metal by using hand dollies; any replacement parts were spot-welded at the factory seams. Mr. Norm’s wrote that no fillers are used; instead, the metal was hand contoured to the original shape. An epoxy primer started the painting process.

The car then gained its new, stroked 426 Hemi™ dual quad engine, the driveline, upgraded suspension, brakes, and cooling systems, and related systems, with new wiring, plumbing, and restored gauges. The interior was sound and heat insulated; it gained a new headliner, dash pad, and auxiliary gauges, with five point seat restraints. Suspension components were preloaded and adjusted before road testing.

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Bill Sefton
Bill Sefton
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