1961 Corvette Custom

So how does this car fit in at “Red Vette Ranch”?  Very well, thank you.  It is one of only 2 Corvettes I’ve ever owned that weren’t red.  My very first Corvette was a 1984 black one.  After that, I stuck with red until I came across this car.  Actually, it’s Ferrari blue.  It’s a custom made car with 1958 front end and 1961 rear end.

This was part of a 2 car package that was built by Mike Staveski at Time Machines for another collector.  When the owner decided to sell the 2 cars, Mike thought of me and we struck a deal.  I bought this car for my wife, but I loved to drive it!

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Bill Sefton
Bill Sefton
Bill Sefton, Chicago native, and passionate car collector. Currently retired, but still involved in the car collection community. Reach out, happy to connect!